The driving force behind Rocks & Rivers is a desire to develop people and communities, and a yearning for true adventure.

This means we seek out the challenges, we find the road less travelled, and explore new places. This means we work to develop peoples skills, leadership ability, and their character. This means we desire communities to be whole, well functioning, and to contribute to society in unique ways. This means we want to help meet the needs of those around us, both locally and globally.

We believe that by making a difference in a few peoples lives we are able to make a difference in many lives. To change the world, you need to change just a few peoples world, and teach them how to change just a few peoples world.

The backcountry is an ideal setting for a unique, experiential education and allows the freedom to truly learn, and put into practice, many useful lessons. We intend to put that resource to full use by getting out into the wilds and stretching ourselves to the limit in order to make the most of the opportunities around us.

We have a unique skill set that we can offer the world and we desire to see those skills put to use, both in developing nations and in our local area.

Great things are done when men and nature meet. This is not done by jostling in the street.

How does this become reality?

– Connecting to a world wide network of adventure trainers in order to offer professional quality, in depth and applicable training.

– Meeting needs in our local area from helping refugees heal from the past and adapt to the future, to equipping youth with the resilience to take on challenges, to bringing family units together to strengthen their relationships.

– Global adventures to places that few get to go, from the jungles of Papua New Guinea, to the high peaks of the Alps.

Adventure is waiting.

Do you want to get involved? Just let us know! Events will be posted regularly.