Adventure Based Team development

Together with Team coach and adventure therapist Karel Post (Outback Explorers) we will give you new perspectives and insights to strengthen your team. We assist as you discover, recognise and acknowledge the obstructive patterns, and enable you to better connect with your team.

Each part of the training is focused on opportunities for growth within the team and is directly linked to everyday life. The nature of the outdoor activities allow your team to develop trust, confidence and understanding whilst highlighting the importance of effective leadership, communication and, of course, teamwork.

This process draws out and enhances the strengths that are already in you, and applies it to the team environment. This also helps you to minimise the obstructions stopping your team reaching its full potential. We organise activities that will help you to focus on overcoming these obstructions, while working in an unfamiliar environment, and then give you the tools to translate that success into your working environment.

In coaching your team we will make use of the principles of experiential learning, Transactional Analysis, and Emotional Focus Therapy.