Great things are done when men & mountain meet.


Rocks & Rivers is based in Northern-Norway. Surrounded by majestic nature, with high mountains, fjords and glaciers we are located just above the arctic circle in Engavågen. We are mountain enthusiasts who love real adventures, with ski´s, mountain boots, climbing shoes or crampons on our feet.

Join us, in seeking out the challenges, finding the road less travelled, and exploring new places, both locally and globally. Ascending high mountains, paddling the coast in a kayak, climbing a glacier.

The backcountry is an ideal setting for a unique, experiential education and allows the freedom to truly learn, and put into practice, many useful lessons.


Adventure is waiting. Whether it is on your holidays, or in a training situation to better teamwork in your business, we have a unique skill set that we can offer and we desire to see those skills put to use, both in developing nations and in our local area.